Unsafe Acts by Passenger Vehicle Drivers

Truck crashes are high profile events. These types of crashes result in about 60 percent of all fatal crashes. The following list contains some of the common unsafe acts committed by passenger vehicle drivers.

  • Driving inattentively (reading, talking on the phone, fatigue-induced)
  • Merging improperly into traffic, causing a truck to maneuver or brake quickly
  • Failure to stop for a stop sign or light
  • Failure to slow down in a construction zone
  • Unsafe speed (approaching too fast from the rear/misjudging truck's speed)
  • Following too closely
  • Failure to slow down in response to environmental conditions (fog, rain, snow, smoke, bright sunshine)
  • Changing lanes abruptly in front of a truck
  • Driving in the "no-zones" (left rear quarter, right front quarter, directly behind)
  • Unsafe turning
  • Unsafe passing
  • Pulling into traffic from roadside in front of truck without accelerating sufficiently
  • Driving between large trucks

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The following suggestions may help motorists to improve the odds when sharing the road with large commercial vehicles:  

  • Keep visible - stay out of the "no-zones" - when behind a truck stay far enough back to see both side mirrors on the truck
  • Maintain a safe distance to ensure that there is adequate space and time to brake
  • Drive defensively
  • Use signals to turn or pass and avoid sudden moves such as swerving to pass
  • Keep lights on and windshield wipers working on rainy days

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