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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Lipman Law Firm handles claims for several truck drivers, many of whom live from outside of Iowa but who are either injured in Iowa or work for Iowa employers. We recently had a favorable decision in a case where the trucking company sought to have our client’s cased dismissed for lack of jurisdiction where the client from Virginia who was injured in outside of Iowa worked for a company with its home office in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In this case, William McGregor’s employer was CRST Van Expedited, Inc.. Mr. McGregor alleged that not only was CRST located in Iowa, it also dispatched drivers through Iowa, he drover through Iowa frequently and CRST’s terminal was also located in Iowa. Thus the Employer’s Iowa location was the “hub and brain-center” of the employment relationship.

This decision that can be found by clicking( this link and this link) is significant because many companies attempt to avoid the State of Iowa due to what the Employer feels is a favorable State for injured workers as completed to the state the Employer seeks to have the case processed in. For those who desire to read the brief we filed for a more complete statement of the law and the arguments we advanced, be sure to click on this link for our Brief in Support of Claimant’s Resistance to Employer’s Motion for Summary Judgment.

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