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Friday, January 19, 2018


Lipman Law Firm has a unique area of practice involving consumer class action litigation specializing in class action bed bug litigation. Jeff Lipman was involved in the first in the nation class action lawsuit involving bed bugs filed right here in Iowa. The case was also the first bed bug class action in the nation that received class action certification status at the District Court. The class action certification was ultimately upheld at the Iowa Supreme Court. A settlement was reached for $2,450,000.

The firm since filed a number of class action cases involving bed bug infestations in Iowa, Illinois and California. The firm has also represented individuals and families in bed bug cases in Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin. Jeff Lipman is a frequent speaker throughout the United States including the National Pest Management Association and Entomological Society of America. In addition to the speaking engagements listed below, Jeff also represents a number of Pest Control companies throughout the United States and Pest West, a products manufacturer. Jeff has been published in PMP magazine, a trade publication in the pest control industry on multiple occasions that you can read by clicking on the link below.

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